True Competitor's mission is to connect children with professional athletes by providing a safe and personalized environment within children's hospitals across the United States.


A mission born out of compassion

The name "True Competitors" has a dual meaning that is important to me. As a professional baseball player, I have been competing for almost my entire life. But, baseball is just a game. Every day there are thousands of children across the country competing against life threatening diseases. All of these kids are the real True Competitors.
— Casey Coleman, True Competitors Founder

How Will True Competitors Achieve Its Mission?


Children will have the opportunity to connect with their favorite teams and athletes using the True Competitors mobile app.


The True Competitors app will allow children to communicate with their favorite athletes to establish supportive and meaningful relationships for the children, families and athletes.


Through the True Competitors app, children will be given a chance to meet and develop friendships with their athletic heroes.

True Competitors in the News

True Competitors App to Connect Pro Athletes with Children's Hospitals

True Competitors is a nonprofit organization with a goal to connect children in hospitals with professional athletes, and it’s going to do so with a mobile application that will be launched shortly.