Our Story

The story of True Competitors dates back to 2014 when I got the pleasure of meeting and being teammates with Clayton Mortensen. After getting to know Clayton and being his roommate I learned that there was way more driving him than just the love for the game of baseball. He was grinding and competing every day for his family, but most of all for his son Miles who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at age two.

Being around Clayton away from his family while his son was in and out of the hospital fighting for his life really made me admire what this family was all about. As much as he wanted to be there, Clayton knew he had to keep playing to support his family at all costs. Looking for a way to keep Miles’ spirits up while he was away, Clayton would send pictures, messages, and videos from players’ to encourage him to keep fighting. Miles is still in the fight against cancer today and he drives my passion.

That’s when I thought, “How can I make this same type of support possible for children across the country?” I saw how happy it made everybody involved and the idea of True Competitors was born.

The name “True Competitors” has a dual meaning that is important to me. As a professional baseball player, I have been competing for almost my entire life. But, baseball is just a game. Every day there are thousands of children across the country competing against life threatening diseases. All of these kids are the real True Competitors.

My experience with Miles has given me a passion to reach as many sick children and their families who are going through similar situations to help give them hope and support. True Competitors will help to make new friendships, build relationships and best of all encouragement and happiness will be passed around the country!

Together, we can all make a difference for children across the country.

— Casey Coleman, Founder